Jørgen & Nanna Ditzel

Nanna og Jørgen Ditzel were born in respectively 1923 and 1921. They meet each other at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, where they both were students. In 1946 they established their own design studio. The period from 1946 to 1961, when Jørgen passed away was very productive for the young couple. After Jørgens death in 1961 Nanna continued their joint project alone. Many new things were designed the following years, until her death in 2005.

In our search for a design that could fit this pioneering sustainable production method, we partnered with Dennie Ditzel, manager of the design legacy after the late Jørgen and Nanna Ditzel. Together we screened the archives for designs that could be ideal for this new material and production method of using fishnets and other ocean plastic waste, resulting in an outdoor collection we named “Ocean”.

The Ocean Collection is characterized by its light structure with repeated slats and metal frames, combined into a reimagined collection in ocean plastic waste, supporting innovative solutions to prevent pollution of the world’s oceans with some of the 20th century’s most renowned designers. Ocean by Jørgen & Nanna Ditzel represents sustainable and innovative thinking and was awarded Wallpaper* Magazines Design award in 2019. The Ocean Collection helps in reducing plastic waste thus contributing to support SDGs by “Responsible Consumption and Production” (SDGs 12) protecting “Life below water” (SDGs 14) and supporting “Partnership for the Goals” (SDGs 17).

Products by Jørgen & Nanna Ditzel: