Compound & Lily Collection

A table and chair collection that showcase how recycled waste can be used in design with no compromise on aesthetics and functionality. The minimalist design of the two collections is developed by Copenhagen-based OEO Studio.

Made of Matek®


Mater’s cutting-edge technology and patented circular material Matek®, uses five unique patented material formulas to make furniture from waste material by combing fibre with a binder. The result is a unique compound that can be formed using the pre-existing industry technology, such as a press moulding. For the Compound and Lily Collections the Matek® blends are made with a mix of post-consumer E-waste with either wood waste or coffee shell waste as the fibre material.

Post-consumer E-waste consists of mixed plastic parts from electrical equipment, household appliances, displays, fridges etc.

Wood waste sourced from wooden furniture production.

Coffee shell waste from BKI's coffee roasting process.

One Compound Lounge Chair contains 5380g waste materials.

The Compound Dining Chair is stackable with up to eight chairs without upholstery and four chairs with upholstery.

The design process started with the Matek® material - its inherent qualities and formabilities. In the design, OEO Studio has paid close attention to every small detail and curve to create an expression that is soft and three-dimensional.

The minimalist design and superb comfort make the Compound Dining Chair suitable for both private and public use. It is available in several Matek blends, with and without upholstery - offering almost endless possibilities in terms of colour and design expression.

The design lines of the Compound Dining Chair is elegantly transformed to the Compound Lounge Chair.

Inspired by water lilies, the Lily Table Collection mirrors the cohesion between the plant’s slender stem and the leaf that lightly floats on water. Available in several Matek® blends and sizes, the Lily Tables are perfect for arranging in groups of two or more.

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OEO Studio

Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann, founders of OEO Studio, have earned a strong reputation for their passion and commitment to delivering truly impactful design. By virtue of the immersive and creative journeys they undertake with clients and partners Thomas and Anne-Marie have engaged in a wide range of design assignments worldwide. Their insightful understanding of the personality of a brand and their conceptual approach to creating designs unlock new and meaningful dimensions.

 “Working with Mater to create these designs has been an intense and inspirational process, and we are very proud of the result. I believe that we have only seen the beginning of how important Matek® can be in our efforts to create a better and greener world." Thomas Lykke, founding partner of OEO Studio.

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