Conscious Collection

The new Conscious Chair 3162  is a part of Mater's new Conscious Collection designed in 1958 by the renowned Danish furniture designers and architects Børge Mogensen and Esben Klint. The collection is a reimagined collection made in waste materials by Mater. The collection was origially made for Danish schools, therefore the chair and table is known as the 'school' table and chair.

Made from waste materials 

Wood Waste Grey
Sawdust and plastic waste

Coffee Waste Light
Coffee shells and plastic waste

Coffee Waste Black
Coffee shells and plastic waste

Introducing a new innovative technology

Since Mater’s founding in 2006, Mater’s mission has been to search for and develop more sustainable production methods. After years of research and testing we have invented a patented technology that allows us to mix upcycled fibre-based waste materials with different kinds of plastic waste. In our journey we have teamed up with large corporations to understand how to upcycle their fibre and plastic waste.

We do this by capturing carbon in our furniture instead of the waste materials originating from industrial production and households being burned. The result is a unique mixture that can be applied to an existing technology in our industry: press moulding. A key priority for Mater and our partners is to take climate action. The new composite materials are designed to be processed again and again. This is why we offer to take them back after end of life to reuse them and send them back on the market as new furniture.

We support a circular economy that promotes greater resource productivity aimed at reducing waste and avoiding pollution by designing and producing timeless products of high quality.

Børge Mogensen

Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen (13 April 1914 – 5 October 1972) was one of the most important among a generation of furniture designers who made Danish Modern known throughout the world.

Together with colleagues such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner, Børge Mogensen created international respect for Danish furniture design. His simple and functional designs have enjoyed worldwide demand for more than half a century.

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Esben Klint

Danish Architect and cabinetmaker Esben Klint (18th June 1915 – 27th February 1969) – Son of professor and architect Kaare Klint. Esben Klint was a student at the Royal Danish Academy, after which he traveled throughout Europe working at different Design Studios both in and outside Denmark.

Esben was associated with his father’s Design Studio and took over after his death. During his life he was attached to Le Klint as a consultant developing Lighting Design still on the market to this day. Esben Klint also worked on several Church restoration projects, developing bespoke furniture and lighting.

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