Earth Stool | Beer Waste Edition
Earth Stool | Beer Waste Edition
Earth Stool | Beer Waste Edition

Earth Stool | Beer Waste Edition

Earth Stool is a circular bar stool designed by Danish architect Eva Harlou. Earth Stool is the result of a new innovative waste-to-value technique that enables Mater to reuse companies’ industrial waste, e.g. plastic waste and other fibre-based materials.
The seats are made from insulin pens in collaboration with Novo Nordisk and coffee bean shells from BKI coffee or waste from Carlsberg’s beer production – the spent grain – mixed with post-industrial plastic waste. The technique is developed in collaboration with Danish Technological Institute with support from the University of Copenhagen. The waste materials are mixed in a unique compound suitable for press moulding – a method designed to reuse companies’ resources more efficiently. Earth Stool represents classic Scandinavian design with steel frames that make the bar stool elegant and timeless.
The new ground-breaking production technique allows Mater to reuse waste materials and turn it into useful and unique design solutions. Created to support a circular design thinking and the UN SDGs: “Responsible Consumption and Production” (SDGs 12), “Climate Action” (SDGs 13) and “Partnership for the Goals” (SDGs 17).

Eva Harlou | DK


Mask, Carlsberg beer waste & industrial plastic waste, DK

Frame: Gun Metal powder coated

W: 14.5” D: 10.6” H: 29.1” or 

W 13.4” D 10.6” H 27.2”


Item no
06043 & 06046