Compound Lounge Chair | Coffee Waste Light

Compound Lounge Chair | Coffee Waste Light

The Compound Lounge Chair designed by OEO Studio is made with a frame of 20% recycled steel and a seat and back in Matek®. The Compound Lounge Chair is where aesthetics, form, function, and comfort unite on a higher level, making it suitable for both private and public use. It is available in several Matek® blends, with and without upholstery - offering almost endless possibilities in terms of colour and design expression.

W 64 cm x D 62 cm x H 72 cm x Sh 39 cm x Sd 45.5 cm                                                        W 25” x D 24.4” x H 28.3” x Sh 15.4” x Sd 17.9”


By OEO Studio

Item no.                                                                                                                     21001 Compound Lounge Chair, Coffee Waste Light*
*Variation possible due to recycled materials

One Compound Dining Chair contains                                                                           5380g waste materials

For professionals                                                                                                                  Learn more about Matek here

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